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the 7 perspectives of an effective leader ebook



eBook by Daniel Harkavy

Founder & CEO of Building Champions

Leading organizations through a time of crisis is complicated and  difficult – especially in how we think and react. The pace, the pressure, the confusion, the loss, the sadness, the separation, the discomfort, the uncertainty, the fear; all these feelings and more – they are enemies of sound thinking.


Based on The 7 Perspectives of Effective Leaders framework, this eBook is specifically tailored to help you think well and lead through crisis. 

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The content is pulled from our 25 years of working with high-performing leaders and organizations (in both good times and bad) - along with current conversations our team is having with leaders across the county.


Each perspective outlines clear actions and specific strategies you can take right now to improve your decisions, influence and ultimately the results you'll get.  


The 7 Perspectives of Effective Leaders

  1. Current Reality

  2. Vision

  3. Strategic Bets

  4. The Team

  5. Our Customer

  6. Your Role 

  7. The Outsider 
Capture-1Book coming out October 20, 2020 - PreOrder Your Copy Today!


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Download Your eBook